Review by Ken Hannaman

Review of Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena

If you want to understand yourself and others in how and why we live the way we do - you MUST read this book. This work by Jim Marshall is groundbreaking. You can literally understand how to transcend any area of your life through the 30+ different categories of life that Jim walks us through in his book.

Not only can you transcend your life, but you can begin to understand the motivations of the people around you in life. With this knowledge, you can either seek to help them, or understand how to better live within and around them in life.

From a psychological standpoint, this book needs to be in more hands. It can literally help humankind in its own quest for enlightenment!

This is a "workbook" of sorts. Once that I'll be referring back to time and time again as I navigate through my own enlightenment and aim to become my own best self possible.

Ken Hannaman