Review by Louis Adams, M.A. LISAC, Therapist

After reading a copy of Septemics: Hierachies of Human Phenomena by Jim Marshall, I concluded simply that the book was quite worthy of praise. My overall impression of the book is that it was well written and done in a very professional manner. There are some novel ideas that could be helpful to clinicians. Individuals who want to make positive changes in their lives would most likely find this book helpful.

I like how the author started each chapter with his scales, and how he provides realistic examples for each of the scales. I especially enjoyed how he related the information to possible therapeutic amelioration of symptoms. Quite frankly, I had to stretch to find something I did not especially like about the book.

The writer has much to offer and the offerings could be useful to clinicians and those who are desirous of making their lives better.

Louis Adams, M.A. LISAC, Therapist